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First and Foremost, a Storyteller

It all started with a model battleship, a mini VHS camcorder...and a firecracker. As the growing flames leapt from the sides of his parents' backyard pool, and even though he wondered how advantageous a melting toy could be with getting him an A for this sixth-grade history project, Richard nonetheless became hooked with visual storytelling. The camera became his new appendage; it was like having a portal, a time machine, a device for growing dreams. Movies like Back to the Future and Jurassic Park instilled in him a thirst for creating illusion, and soon stunts and camera tricks replaced his usual magic show at school.

And then a funny thing happened. No matter how great the gag, or how sly the execution, the tricks that had a story behind them were the ones he liked performing the most. Eventually, the narrative became the cornerstone to the illusions, instead of the other way around. An education into film at NCSA and The University of Miami only further solidified this, and soon Richard was dodging rattlesnakes, crystal meth and the occasional alien in New Mexico, as well as on sets like Breaking Bad and The Avengers. It was here that Richard tuned his palate. Story was still the main course, but cinematography and lighting quickly became his favorite flavors. The city of Angels eventually beckoned, and Richard picked up his bindle - complete with an Arri Alexa Mini inside - and headed west.

To him, cinematography has always been a dance; you slide gracefully with the actors, art direction, and all other crafts in a way that best fits the song. It's ever challenging, ever changing, and there will forever be no single, right way to dance. But you give it your all because it's exhilarating, and because there's a good chance the song will compel others to join. 

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